The Sino-Australia Exchange is Steppeing Into the New Page

【Writer: Wen Chunrong】

On the afternoon of September 18, Principal Khan Lindsay Holm with 7 delegates from Australian Hills Internatioanal College paid a visit to our school。



Mr.Fu Jianyong, the vice-principal of Shuangliu Experimental Primary School,guided the guests to have a campus tour. Mr.Holm and his group stepped into the classroom of Grade one and greeted the lovely kids.The kids responsed them with English confidently though they had learned English less than one month, which impressed the Australians on Chinese kids’ expressive ability.


While the guests noticed the E-book readers with big screen standing around the campus, they asked curiously, ‘What’ it? What’s the function? ’ The English teachers accompanying them uncovered the mystery: The E-book readers supplied by Xinhua Libary, which is managed by goverment, offer different categories of online virtual books。 Students can read the vocal books anytime。 While walking in the classical corridor Mr。Holm saw various posters,a question mark came into his mind again。 Miss Wen from school foreign affair department told them the reasons。September is the Reaing Festival of this school,to recall students to read more,the school recommend some books with the posters。 Besides the Reaing Festival , the school also implement English Festival, Science Festival, Art Festival,etc to supply supply students abundant curriculums。


Calligaraphy is a treasure of China! The guests were trapped by the calligaraphy work and the “scholar’s four jewels” in Mo Xiang Calligaraghy Room. Julie-Annie, the director of Hills, who has been learning Chinese, chose a Chinese character “成” which means “success” and wrote it on the Chinese art the paper. The other guests also tried to experience the exotic words.


The development of students and teachers is our school vision. The guests visited the Students Activity Department, Second-level Resource Room(for the disable students),Psychological Consulting Room, gained futher understanding of students school life. The Expert Workshop and Famous Teacher Workshop shows the ways from school management to guid teachers to develop in their professions.


“To share, To Develop ” is the target of sisiter schools. The two schools had a communication to plan the further cooperation in curriculum. Principal Holm introduced the curriculum of Hills is a combination of Australian national curriculum, International IB curriculum and Golf curriculum. In Australia, students have no fixed textbook, teachers design the teaching content. Students use Ipad to learn and do homework. Now our school is trying using Ipad interactive teaching, so as a beginner we have a chance to learn this from Hills. The paths of cooperation between the two schools are becoming deep and various.


Time flied during the sound communication。 We believe the sharing from each other will improve both sides qualitity of schooling。

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