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In this beautiful season, SEPS shared an interesting basketball exchange activity with Jr.NBA. It got the attention ofleaders at all levels. The two teachers Wu Ran and Jade brought their wonderful basketball training lessons to our children. These lessonsconsisted of a variety of different teaching methods.


On behalf of all the teachers and students, Principal Mao Fengming extended a warm welcome to all our guests and shared  our curriculum experiences.



We always focus on development in regard to physical education, and we continuously learn different types of programs about promoting the healthy development of children, both physically and mentally. Based on this, we have established the goal and the work plan of sports development.



Different forms of training have been organized,such as training pertaining to be a basketball coach, a referee, and a basketball teacher. This training is good for enhancing a teacher’s literacy, PE teaching, and improving their abilities in research and training.


In accordance with the ability levels of different students, we set up special basketball classes every Monday as well as interest classes every Friday. We also carry out campus basketball matches and get grades at different levels. Our school has been recommended as a national basketball school. In support of the leadership, we will always be in accordance with national PE requirements, and strive to improve.

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