Hello! Halloween!

[Writer: April刘钊颖]

This English corner was on November 3rd. We were talking about Halloween.Daniel introduced the western culture to the children.


Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. Long ago, people believed that witches gathered together, and ghosts haunted people in their houses. Today, most people no longer believe in ghosts and witches. Trick or Treating is a modern Halloween custom where children go from house to house dressed in costume, asking for treats like candy or toys. If they don't get any treats, they might play a trick (or prank) on the owners of the house.


After that, Daniel showed the children ten monsters, which included a zombie, mummy, witch, vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, skeleton, a headless horse man,werewolves, ghosts and a goblin. The children of grade 2 were interested in this topic. At first, they didn't know their names. After hard studying, the children could remember all these monster’s names.

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