Sharing Teaching Skills to Implement Le Da English

【Writer: Wen Chunrong】

In this charming harvest Autumn season, the English team of Shuangliu Experimental School(SEP) carried out a class teaching demonstration, which aimed to display teaching skills and to allow the teachers to learn from one another.

On October 27th, an imitation class competition was held. The purpose of this competition was to select a candidate to attend an upper level competition. The candidates were recommended by the teachers in their own grade. Ms Zou Min from Grade 1, Ms Zhao Lina from Grade 2, Ms Li Jun from Grade 3, Ms Liu Zhaoying from Grade 4, Ms Li Xiaomei from grade 5, Ms Luo Wei from Grade 6.


The teaching contents were Module 3 Clothes, edited by the People’s Education Press. The candidates were well prepared and presented their classes with distinctive personal style. Ms Zhou impressed the other teachers with her good English expressions, Ms Zhao’s class design was fun and unique, Ms Li captivated the audience with her clear and in-depth teaching process. Ms Liu highlighted some important and difficult points. Ms Li directed the kids to learn English in a specific language situation. Ms Luo led students to take different activities to reach the targets she had set step by step.


After watching the demonstrations, the rest of the teachers gave their comments. The feedback was based on the 3 aspects of Le Da English, our English view: Expression, achievement, openness. Ms Li Jun was recommended to attend the next round of competition.

   Two heads are better than one. These demonstrations are not only performed to select a suitable candidate for the next round of teaching, but to allow all the teachers to learn from one another.

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