School Opening Day of SEPS

Diligence is the beginning of happiness.

On March 5th 2018,School Opening Day of SEPS officially begins.

Flag raising ceremony


A Speech was given by Principal Mao Fengming


First of all, she proposes three keywords “Civilization, Friendship, Diligence”. Good school spirit and class style are so important, we need to continue these.

Secondly, she proposes that being friendly to others is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

Finally, we must make a good plan and goals for the new semester, happiness can only be achieved through hard work. She believes that the students have the confidence to succeed.


 Diligence is the beginning of happiness


Then, through the debate on the theme “Diligence is the beginning of happiness”, student representatives further demonstrate that diligence is a good way to success. All teachers and students will make efforts to make more progress.




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