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It's warm in spring. Our new semester had begun in March. Daniel was waiting for the children on the first Friday afternoon.  He had prepared a new topic for the children of grade 4. Daniel divided the food into three categories, drinks, main courses and desserts.  For example: orange juice and coca cola for drinks; lemon sorbet and chocolate cake for dessert; pizza and cheese burger for main courses, and so on. 


    They talked about food in the restaurant. Daniel asked three questions: “What do you want to drink? "

 "What do you want for dessert?"

"What do you want for your main course?"

And then, he led them to answer: “I want...please."

    At first, the children discussed what they wanted with Daniel, then they talked together.  They stood in a line and asked and answered one after the other. All of them had a chance to participate.


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