Sino-Thai Educational and Cultural Exchange Activities


On March 19, 2018, Sino-Thai Educational and Cultural Exchange Activities opened in this colorful spring. Wattanasit, a Science teacher from PRC, came to our school with full of Thai greetings.

In July, 2012, we established a long-term communication and cooperative relationship with PRC, and carried out Sino-Thai teachers exchange activities. We started this relationship to promote cultural understanding , learned more about teaching philosophy, and international understanding of mutual cooperation from different backgrounds, further broadened the international perspective,developed understanding and improved tolerance towards each other.




Wattanasit said:“I’m very happy because I will have a chance to teach both language and Thai culture. I’m very impressed with your school as everyone has given me such a warm welcome. I hope that my teaching will be useful for all of you.”

We wish all of us will benefit from this communication activity.


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