Make it possible, to be a good teenagers of new new era.

Make it possible, to be a good teenagers of new new era.

We are the successors of communism, our ancestors inherited the glorious tradition of revolution, love the motherland and the people, the bright red scarf fluttering in the chest. 


When the "Chinese Young Pioneers Team Song" sang loudly under the Ginkgo Tree in Shuangliu Experimental Primary School, when the Star Torch was lit up in the green playground of the experimental primary school, "Be a new era of good teenagers" - Theme activity of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Team building day is slowly kicked off.

A solemn flag-raising ceremony

Principal Mao is speeching

At 2 o'clock on the afternoon of the October 11th, following the impassioned festive greetings of Principal Mao, the cohesive team show and the original teacher's original class competition show that 3,572 teachers and students pay tribute to the motherland and pay tribute to Young pioneers.

Calisthenics show

Star torch, passed down from generation to generation.


The children of Grade One, immature but confident

The show of Grade Two with the theme of Funny Animals.

The children of Grade Three, jump with happiness.

      The children of Grade Four, appearing with reciting some ancient poems.

The children of Grade Five, appearing with reciting some ancient poems. 

The children of Grade Six, appearing with reciting some ancient poems.

Today, we sing Shuangliu Experimental Primary School's voice, to the motherland confession;Today, we make practical action to the Chinese young pioneers 70th birthday gift!

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